Traffic trial continues in Worsley

A trial of temporary traffic signals on Salford’s busiest roundabout is being extended for a further 12 months.

The signals were installed at Worsley Courthouse roundabout in February 2023 for an initial period of six months to improve traffic flow and safety by giving all approaches an equal chance to join the roundabout.

Since the trial started, data shows that general traffic journey times in the morning have improved on all approaches from between 27 seconds to three minutes and 26 seconds quicker. In addition, morning bus journey times have reduced by between 20 seconds and up to eight minutes.

The afternoon results have been less positive. Although there has been a reduction in general traffic journey times on the Worsley Road and Barton Road approaches, there has been an average ten seconds increase in general traffic journey times on the Worsley Brow approach.

The signals are located on the south-bound carriageway of Worsley Brow, just south of where the M60 crosses overhead and are being monitored by cameras and sensors. Passive sensors were also placed further away from the roundabout, collecting traffic volume data before the trial started as well as throughout, to provide a complete picture of its impact on the network.

The signals are on Monday to Friday between 3.30pm to 6pm to assist with the afternoon peak traffic. Outside of those hours, including weekends, the signals are only activated if significant queues are detected on Worsley Road or Barton Road by one of the sensors. The signals stay on as long as queues are present, and they switch off automatically when the queues are reduced.

The signals stop traffic approaching the roundabout from the North, allowing vehicles on the other approaches to join the roundabout.

Councillor McCusker, Lead Member for Planning, Transport and Sustainable Development said: “The results are very good so far. The initial data is also showing us there are no significant impacts on journey times. We are making the decision to continue the trial so we have detailed seasonal statistics before we make a final decision. Our overall aim is to reduce the time people have to sit in traffic and to do this in the safest way possible.”

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Date published
Tuesday 15 August 2023

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