Salford City Council encourages greater uptake of nutritious school meals

Salford City Council is encouraging parents and guardians across the city to take advantage of the nutritious and delicious school meals provided by Citywide Services.

As a proud part of the Salford City Council, Citywide Services not only ensures the health and well-being of our children but also supports the local community through employment and development opportunities.

Citywide Services employs a dedicated local workforce, reinforcing the council's commitment to community investment. Through its apprenticeship programme, Citywide Services is fostering the next generation of skilled professionals. Currently, 27 Production Chef apprentices (16 Level 2 and 11 Level 3) are gaining valuable experience within kitchens. It is particularly proud of Lyndsay Knowles, who was honoured with the prestigious Salford College Hospitality Apprentice of the Year 2024 award in February.

Councillor Barbara Bentham, Lead Member for Neighbourhoods, Environment and Community Safety, said: “Citywide offers balanced and nutritious school meals on a varied menu cycle, which allows children to try out fresh, seasonal, local produce and food from across the world. Our teams ensure that there are suitable choices for those with intolerances and medical diets and our pre-ordering system - where available - can even allow families to help their child select the foods they like from the menu and order in advance. Citywide is all about creating lunch times to look forward to and building healthy, lifelong relationships with food.”

Research consistently shows that a nutritious meal significantly enhances students' ability to concentrate, learn, and perform academically. Citywide Services is committed to offering a variety of healthy and appetising options that meet the dietary needs and preferences of all students.

Citywide school meals offer a delightful variety through themed days, igniting excitement and curiosity in young minds. Whether it's Taco Tuesday, Pizza Party Friday, or International Cuisine Day, these themed meals add a fun twist to the dining experience, making lunchtime an adventure in itself.

Opting for school meals takes away the hassle of daily lunch preparation. No more frantic mornings spent packing lunches or worrying about forgotten items. Embrace the convenience and nutritional benefits of school meals, ensuring our children thrive both inside and outside the classroom. Why not make the switch today and savour the benefits of stress-free, nutritionally balanced lunches for your child.

More information about Citywide Services school meals, including the menu options.

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Date published
Wednesday 19 June 2024

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