Salford approves new homelessness strategy

A new strategy titled – Homelessness is everyone’s business has been approved by Salford City Council.

The new five year strategy was approved at the council’s Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 28 March.

The main aim of the new strategy, is that homelessness is prevented, whenever possible through new and unique ways.

The council has stated there is a much stronger role for partner organisations and wider services in the early identification and engagement with those at risk of having no home.

In addition, the council has put a plan together to tackle ensuring that information and advice for those concerned about their housing is more accessible and easy to understand. This is an important priority within the strategy, including addressing the barriers to accessing that information by minority groups.

To develop the strategy the council worked with those who have experienced homelessness as well as partners, professionals, wider services and members of the public.

Chief Executive Tom Stannard from Salford City Council said: “In Salford we want the need for rough sleeping to be totally eradicated. But that is a very difficult challenge, and more than ever so in the current economic climate.

“We want earlier identification of those who are at risk, so we can step in and help out. That is why the report is titled ‘Homelessness is everyone’s business’ – so partner agencies, wider services or members of the public can point out those who are most in need.

“Our Housing options team are now working to provide a much more prevention focussed way of working and they are pointing people to other council services to get support and advice. For example residents can get support with emergency assistance, council tax support, essential food provision – there are lots of areas where we can help.”

People can get support and help on our Cost of Living web pages.

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Date published
Thursday 30 March 2023

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