Basic benefit checking for older people

This new workshop will equip you with the skills and knowledge to identify missing benefits for older or disabled people and their carers.

Workshop contents

  • What is pension age?
  • How to check for pension credit entitlement
  • The difference between Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal independence payment
  • What to check for when health deteriorates
  • Benefits when moving in or out of residential care or hospital
  • Benefits when a partner dies
  • What can carer’s of disabled people claim and how it can affect the disabled person’s benefit
  • Checking for unclaimed housing benefit and council tax reduction
  • Who to contact in DWP
  • How to access other support

We will be running our next programme of welfare reform workshops from January 2019. If you would like one of the workshops or a bespoke workshop for your team then please contact for details.

This page was last updated on 4 August 2016

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