Welfare reform workshops

Advice and income maximisation are essential to both financial inclusion and anti-poverty work as Salford residents face radical changes to their benefits and struggle to make ends meet both in and out of work.

Facilitated by expert advisers from Salford Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Service and Citizens Advice, these practical and enjoyable workshops are for anyone who works with Salford residents in financial difficulty.

The workshops are open to and free for anyone who works with Salford residents. They are ideal for anyone who needs an introduction, update or refresher of the essentials.

We will be running our next programme of welfare reform workshops from spring 2020. If you would like one of the workshops or a bespoke workshop for your team then please email Kerry Walsh for details.

Debt and hardship

Responding to hardship and crisis

How to respond to and prevent recurring crisis and hardship. The workshop includes accessing Salford Assist hardship payments, benefit advances, food banks and charity applications.

Benefit sanctions and work conditions

Find out how to support vulnerable people to manage their claimant commitment with Jobcentre plus and get tips and tactics on challenging sanction decisions.

The benefit cap and two child limit - supporting families

Get up to date with the new two child policy and benefit cap. Find out how to identify those affected and what you can do to support struggling families.

Working age

Universal Credit - preparing for full digital service

Get right up to date with the introduction of Universal Credit in Salford, which becomes a full digital area in September 2018. Find out who is affected, how Universal Credit works and how to support residents.

Universal Credit and housing costs

For those who already have an understanding of how Universal Credit works, this workshop provides all you need to know about the housing cost element with practical tips for problem solving and supporting tenants to pay the rent. 

Employment and Support Allowance form filling

A practical workshop to give you the basic skills and confidence to understand the work capability assessment, support people with their ESA50 or UC50 forms and challenge decisions.

Disability and older people

Benefits and support for carers

This workshop will provide an overview of the range of benefits and support services available for carers. No prior benefits knowledge needed.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Get up to date with how PIP is replacing Disability Living Allowance and how you can support disabled residents to complete the PIP forms and get further evidence.

Challenging Personal Independence Payment (PIP) decisions (New)

Build your confidence to support residents to challenge unfavourable decisions and understand more about independent tribunals.

Basic benefit checking for older people

Get to know how to identify missing benefits for older or disabled people and their carers. Aimed at those with little or no benefit knowledge or those that need an update.

Paying for non-residential care

If you're involved in arranging care or working with carers this course will give you a basic understanding of the council's policy on charging for support in the community.

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