Employment and Support Allowance form filling

This workshop provides a detailed look at how to support the people you work with to claim and maintain Employment and Support Allowance.

Workshop content

  • A step by step guide to making effective claims
  • How to assist with the completion of the ESA50 or UC50 form - looking at different health conditions and how to apply them to the scoring system
  • Preparing for the medical assessment, including what assistance is available locally if the person you support requires someone to accompany them
  • What do if a claim is refused or the claimant fails to attend a medical - the process of challenging decisions and benefits that can be claimed in the interim
  • Tips on what healthcare professionals and tribunals look for

This workshop is delivered by Salford Citizens Advice on behalf of the Salford Advice and Information Network (SAIN).

What participants said on previous workshops

  • “I found the case studies and examples really useful”
  • “Now able to think more carefully when completing forms knowing how the scoring system works”
  • Very informative and relevant to my role as a support worker”

We will be running our next programme of welfare reform workshops from January 2019. If you would like one of the workshops or a bespoke workshop for your team then please contact Debbie.witton@salford.gov.uk for details.

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