Arranging a funeral service

A lot of preparation and organisation is required to plan and arrange a funeral and because it is a very emotional time very few families wish to undertake these arrangements directly with bereavement services.

It is possible for bereaved families to make funeral arrangements without the assistance of a funeral director and an information leaflet which will guide you through the process is available from:

Agecroft Cemetery
Langley Road
M27 8SS

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Phone: 0161 686 7290

Bereavement services are flexible in the approach to service provision and the funeral director will be able to advise families of services available at the time funeral arrangements are made, for example:

  • Two cremation times can be booked to allow for a longer service (note this would incur an additional fee)
  • Personalised music may be played throughout the service
  • A minister or person of any religion may lead the funeral service
  • A service may take place without any religious element
  • Musical instruments may be played during the service
  • Upon special request, families may inspect the crematorium and witness the coffin being committed into the cremator
  • Upon special request, the cremated remains may be removed from the crematorium on the same day as the funeral service
  • An environmentally friendly coffin may be used for the funeral service
  • Families may arrange to witness the final strewing of their loved one's cremated remains within the Gardens of Remembrance
  • Family members may, as a final act of respect, carry their loved one's coffin to the crematorium or to the graveside
  • Upon special request, families may assist with the back filling of a family grave
  • With prior approval, families may use a horse-driven hearse in the place of a motor hearse

A reference copy of the charter for the bereaved can be borrowed at any time upon request from the cemetery office.

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