Planning a funeral

Most funerals are arranged through a funeral director rather than the bereaved family going directly to a cemetery office to make the necessary arrangements.

However, it is not a legal obligation to use a funeral director to make the necessary funeral arrangements and the office staff at Salford cemeteries are available to offer information and advice leaflets to enable you to make the correct choice for either your own funeral arrangements or the arrangements of your loved one.

There are many organisations available who can offer advice on how to personalise and plan your own funeral. The Natural Death Centre can offer information and advice on how to arrange inexpensive, do-it-yourself and environmentally-friendly funerals.

Woodland burials

Bereavement Services do not have their own 'Woodland' burial area, but have joined a partnership arrangement with the Woodland Cemetery, City Road, Ellenbrook (telephone 0161 790 1300) who designed and opened their cemetery on the Salford/Wigan border for families who want an alternative to the traditional lawn-type graves.


It can be difficult enough dealing with bereavement without having to deal with the deceased's property, possessions and personal matters. For this reason it is advisable to contact a solicitor to help with such matters.

You should ascertain if the deceased made a will and consult the solicitors who hold it, to see what the deceased's wishes were as to the funeral arrangements.

The will also discloses the names of the executors or the persons legally entitled to deal with the deceased's estate. The solicitor will assist you with the administration of the estate and any questions relating to taxation that may arise.

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