Recordings of a funeral or mourning service

If mourners are unable to attend a ceremony, there are a number of ways they can still experience the ceremony.

Salford City Council bereavement services are now offering a free recording of ceremonies at Agecroft Crematorium. Unfortunately, this is not available at Peel Green.

Mourners are able to make a video recording of the ceremony.

How to request a recording

  • The Funeral Directors who are aware of the recording process taking place can request a copy of an individual service on behalf of the family through the ‘Wesley music’ portal in place. This is done at the time of booking the service.
  • As part of the ‘request process’ an email is provided by the Funeral Director which is either their own or one from the family.
  • Following the service Wesley music then provide a link to the recording of the service to the email address provided.

There is no charge to the family, from ourselves, as a gesture of good will at this current time.

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