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Find cemetery, burial and cremation record

Historical burial and cremation records from Salford City Cemeteries and Crematorium are now available online, making viewing records and downloading documents easy and affordable.

Salford City Council has worked in partnership with a specialist family history organisation, Deceased Online to give you access to the available online records.

Searches can be done to help you locate an individual buried or cremated at one of our sites. The below information is then accessible and available for download or printing for a small fee:

  • digital scans of burial and cremation registers
  • computerised records of burials and cremations (where registers are not available)
  • details of those buried in each grave
  • cemetery maps indicating the cemetery section for each grave location

The Deceased Online website includes instructions about how to search for available records. You can search easily for an individual by name, dates and area or if you are looking for ancestors or relatives in the city of Salford, use the 'advance search' facility and the drop-down menu options provided.

As well as records in Salford, Deceased Online includes millions of burial and cremation records for other councils throughout the UK.

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