Grave searches

The cemetery offices at Agecroft maintain all the statutory burial records for Peel Green, Weaste and Swinton cemeteries respectively, where we receive many enquiries from families who wish to locate the burial place of their loved ones.

Burials prior to this were often in local churchyards.

If you wish to locate a family member you can write to the relevant office. A charge is made for grave searches and family history research - see the schedule of charges.

In order that we can conduct an effective search for you, the following information should be provided:

  1. The full name of the deceased
  2. The approximate month and year that the individual died

If writing, your cheque should be made payable to Salford City Council and sent to the relevant cemetery office. We will reply giving as much information as is held within ten days of receipt of your enquiry.

Who to contact

Agecroft Cemetery and Crematorium Office
Langley Road
M27 8SS
Map to this location
0161 686 7290
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