After someone has died

People to inform

Following a bereavement various people, companies, and other interested parties need to be told about someone who has died:

  • A property that is part of a deceased person's estate may be exempt from council tax, to let the council know you can complete our online form.
  • Local social services - if meals on wheels, home help, day centre transport was used
  • Any hospital that the person was attending
  • The deceased's local Inland Revenue office
  • The local Benefits Agency office to cancel pensions, allowances, benefits etc
  • Any employer or trade union
  • A child’s or young person’s teacher, employer or college, should be informed if a parent, brother, sister, grandparent or close friend has died
  • Car insurance company. People driving a car insured in the deceased’s name are not legally insured
  • Local offices of British Gas, Electricity, British Telecom, Royal Mail deliveries, local newsagent
  • If the deceased was receiving Housing Benefit and or Council Tax Reduction, the local council; also if the deceased was living in rented property the landlord
  • Electoral services, you can do so using the contact electoral services form

Things that may need returning

Following a death, as well as informing people and organisations about the loss, some documents and other items may need to be returned.

  • Any appropriate documentation and payment cards will have to be returned to the appropriate benefits office.
  • The deceased's passport, driving licence, car registration documents, membership cards and National Insurance papers must all be returned to the relevant offices.
  • Check for any library books that might need returning.
  • If there was any NHS equipment being used it will need to be returned to either the hospital or health centre it came from.
  • Any medical equipment loaned to the deceased will need to be returned. Contact their GP for guidance.

Planning a funeral

In this section you will find all the information you need to plan and arrange a funeral.

Planning a funeral

Registering a death

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