Local and regional sources

Enquiries for genealogical research purposes about local electoral registers in Salford should be directed to Salford Local History Library.

In addition, there are in Salford City Archives various lists of ratepayers or electors for the area of Salford township for the year 1817, for various years between 1819 and 1834 and for the years 1841-42; microfilm copies are available in Salford Local History Library.

The City Archivist also holds three petitions (archives reference: U349/01-3), 1843, listing names of ratepayers in Salford, Pendlebury and Pendleton townships, and records from a number of schools.

Other sources in local authority and state repositories are too numerous and too varied to be described in detail here.

Regional sources

Greater Manchester County Records Office
TheĀ Greater Manchester County Records Office holds the national indexes from 1837 to 1970 for the whole of England and Wales. You will be given the name, year and quarter the event took place as well as the district name and reference number.

Most city reference libraries or local history libraries hold the Registrar General's Birth, Death and Marriage indexes. You would need to quote all the information you obtain from these indexes in order for us to complete the search for you. In particular, with marriages you need to look up both names and cross reference them to make sure you are given the same reference number.

Indexes of births and marriages in Salford
We are currently in the process of having our indexes to marriages and births within the city of Salford placed on the web at Lancashire BMD with the assistance of the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society.

We currently have all marriages from 1837 to 1900 on the website and have just started adding births records. You will have access to the names, year and register number from the website and will need to quote these details when applying to us for a copy certificate.

The birth position is very fluid at present - latest details of coverage.

Lancashire Record Office

Over 12km of records relating to the county of Lancashire, some dating back to 1200 are held by the Lancashire Record Office. Comprehensve online resources available.

Veterans Agency

The Veterans Agency, an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence, has published comprehensive information on its website about service records for members of the British armed forces. Evidence of kinship may be required when requesting specific information.

Further reading?

For information as to what kinds are available you should consult general books on genealogy and guides to the various repositories. For Lancashire Record Office there are the Guide to the Lancashire Record Office by R. Sharpe France (Lancashire County Council 1985 - available from amazon.co.uk) and the Guide to the Lancashire Record Office: a supplement 1977-89 edited by Janet D. Martin (Lancashire County Council, 1992).

The Public Record Office has published an introductory guide for genealogists, Never Been Here Before? A first time guide for family historians at the Public Record Office by Jane Cox (1993) and sometimes available from Amazon.

Records of Parliament are described in the Guide to the Records of Parliament by M. P. Bond (HMSO, 1971).

You might also like to refer to our list of online genealogical resources.

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