Small business rate relief

Which properties benefit from relief?

Small business rate relief is available to ratepayers who occupy one property in England with a rateable value of up to £15,000

Occupation by the ratepayer of additional properties in England will be disregarded where:

  • The rateable value of any additional property is less than £2,900 and
  • The combined total of the rateable values of all the properties that the ratepayer occupies in England is less than £20,000 (for billing authorities outside of Greater London)

From April 2017 ratepayers who have no entitlement to any other mandatory relief and occupy one or more properties in England which have individual rateable values of less than £15,000 will automatically have their bill calculated using the small business rate multiplier.

From 14 February 2014, ratepayers are entitled to keep an existing award of small business rate relief for 12 months where they take up occupation of an additional eligible property, which would have previously disqualified them from relief but they must notify Salford City Council of this even where the property is in an area which is governed by a different local authority.

Which properties do not benefit from relief?

Small business rates relief is not available for:

  • Unoccupied properties or
  • Ratepayers who are in receipt of any other mandatory relief e.g. charity relief

How much relief is given?

Rateable value Percentage reduction
Under £12,000 100%
£12,001 to £15,000 Sliding scale reducing from 100% to 0%
Under £51,000 Small business rate multiplier

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