Transfer from another agency

We are keen to recruit experienced foster carers as we run a number of specialist fostering schemes as well as the mainstream service.

If you're thinking about transferring from your current agency then we would love to hear from you.

There are many reasons why existing foster carers may want to change the agency they foster with.

The main ones we hear are that:

  • You don't regularly have children placed with you. You trained to foster to make a difference to children and you're not getting that opportunity
  • You may have been approved and never had a child placed with you
  • You're not getting the support you thought you would

Did you know?

When a child comes into the care of Salford City Council, and if foster care will be the best option for them, our first choice is usually to place the child with one of our own foster carers. We know our foster carers and their families well, so we can think about the best match for the child, as well as knowing what extra support we'll need to put in place.

Our Children's Services social work teams work together, in the same building. Your family placement social worker and the child's social worker will work together with you to try to make the foster placement succeed.

There is also the additional support of family placement support workers and a 24/7 emergency phone line. You'll be allocated your own family placement social worker and supervision will take place at least every six weeks for settled placements, up to weekly if you foster on the 3D or Sparks fostering programmes. In addition, we are able to offer payments to support your fostering and reward your skills and commitment.

We offer competitive payments

Traditionally private foster agencies have been able to offer more generous payments to foster carers. However, we have a range of options and schemes which may make it possible to match or even improve upon that which your agency is able to offer.

What next?

If you're interested in transferring to Salford City Council, call us on 0161 799 1268 or email the fostering team. We can send you more details and answer some of your questions over the phone.

The next step would be to arrange a visit with you at home. At this point you are not making any formal commitment and this is not a fostering assessment. It would be a chance to see whether a transfer to Salford would be appropriate, and if so, what we do next, including involving your existing fostering agency.

Depending upon when you were approved and how long ago you completed the Skills to Foster training, you may not need to complete this with us, which will speed up the transfer. The Fostering Network have put together a prototcol for transferring agencies which you can find below for further guidance.

We'd love to hear from you!

CallĀ 0161 799 1268, send us an email atĀ or complete our online enquiry form below.

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