Health services at Swinton Gateway

Most of the health service clinics are by appointment only and patients are referred to these services from a variety of sources including doctors and other health professionals.


Audiology is not a drop in or self referral service. New patients are accepted following referral from a general practitioner and existing hearing aid users are seen by appointment only. The contact details for appointments and general audiology enquiries are:

  • Telephone: 0161 206 1571 or 206 1568 or 206 1569 from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm
  • Fax: 0161 211 7453 
  • Email:  

Please be aware that the phone lines are very busy - Audiology apologise for the wait, however keep trying. Alternatively you can email Audiology directly and they will answer your queries. 

Hearing aid batteries can be collected from the ground floor reception. Please bring your brown hearing aid record book with you.


The emergency podiatry clinic, by appointment only, is held every Monday afternoon from 1.30pm to 3pm for patients who have painful foot problems and are unable to wait for a routine appointment. If you feel you need to attend the emergency clinic please ring 0161 793 3887 or 0161 793 3760 before 11am on the day you wish to attend. This clinic can be busy and you may have to wait. Please report to the second floor reception on arrival.

Sexual health clinics

The contraception and sexual health clinic is held every Monday from 2pm to 8pm. The clinic provides contraception, emergency contraception, free condoms, pregnancy testing, sexual health advice and screening. For more information or to book an appointment phone 0161 206 1099/1094.

Community diagnostic unit

You may be invited to attend the diagnostic unit to have blood tests or for some cardiorespiratory (heart and lung tests). These are things like heart rate and blood pressure monitors. The unit is on the first floor, towards the back of the left hand side as you come up the stairs or lift. If your appointment is during office hours, please check in at the reception on the second floor. If you are unable to attend the appointment or have other questions, please call outpatients on 0161 206 4100.

Swinton Gateway

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