Struggling to pay your council tax - get back on track

Get back on track

Need help to get back on track with your council tax bill?

If you have arrears from last year and are already worried about this year’s bill, then get in touch with us.

We may be able to change or extend your payment plan, check if you’re entitled to benefits, Council Tax Reduction or other discounts or exemptions. We can stop things escalating and leading to unpleasant actions and costs.

There are many ways we can help. Use the forms below to get in touch and get back on track.

Will changing your payment plan dates help?

If this helps you can choose monthly, weekly or fortnightly instalments and on a date that suits your budget best.

Change your payment plan dates

Are you struggling to pay the amounts due under your payment plan?

Don’t worry. If you are in financial difficulties we can help. You can use our struggling to pay form to tell us how much you can afford to pay and make us an offer. We will try to help you find a payment plan that you can afford and get you back on track.

See our make a payment plan offer page

Could your bill be too high?

Your circumstances might mean that you qualify for a discount, exemption or reduction and you can apply online.

Apply for a discount, exemption or reduction

You can view your account online in your own time

Sign up to a Salford customer account so you can see your bill, and how much you have paid, at any time.

Sign up to a Salford customer account

Get text reminders when your payment is due

If you are worried about forgetting to pay your instalments, sign up to our SMS reminder service and we will text you a weblink so you can pay your bill online or by phone there and then.

Sign up to our SMS reminder service

Could you be BetterOff?

Our BetterOff Salford website is an easy way to find out if you’re entitled to benefits and help you apply for them online. It’s also where you can find jobs, childcare, and advice on debt or money management.

See our BetterOff Salford website

We also offer face to face chats with a member of your locality team at our drop in BetterOff sessions held in our Gateways. They provide support on council tax, business rates and benefits or can put you in touch with a wide range of services that can help you such as housing and health and wellbeing.

Could you use some benefits and debt advice?

We can offer this too and it’s free. You don’t just have to be struggling with your council tax bill for us to help. Our Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Team can help with free confidential and independent advice on your benefits or debt problems.

Welfare Rights and Debt Advice

What is the pilot scheme which Salford is taking part in?

We are one of 42 local authorities working with Cabinet Office, HMRC and DWP taking part in a pilot scheme to help recover unpaid council tax by using new debt information sharing powers. It means that non-paying customers who are employed or have an income will be contacted to start paying their debts, or they will have their debt deducted directly from their earnings or through their employer. It also means non-paying customers in receipt of deductible benefit may have their debt deducted directly from their benefits. But for those who are struggling to pay, we are promoting all the help and support we have available as part of our approach to tackling poverty and encouraging people to get in touch.

HMRC and DWP pilot documents:

This page was last updated on 8 September 2023

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