What we can do about anti-social behaviour

Salford City Council recognises that anti-social behaviour can have a significant impact on the lives of residents if left unchallenged. We will work with you to tackle the problem and reduce offending.

The action we take will depend on the nature of your complaint. Below are some examples of the kinds of things we can do to resolve your issue:

  • Speak to the people who are causing you problems
  • Send warning letters and carry out warning interviews
  • Use acceptable behaviour agreements signed by the perpetrator to say that they will not behave anti-socially in the future
  • Offer independent mediation if you are involved in a dispute with your neighbour
  • Work in partnership with other agencies, such as youth services or environmental services to help resolve your complaint
  • In more serious cases, take legal action including civil injunctions, criminal behaviour orders, community protection notices and public spaces protection orders

We can't do it without you

In order to be able to investigate your complaint effectively and take action we need you to help us by:

  • Making a detailed diary of events when asked to do so
  • Being available to meet or talk with us on a regular basis
  • Working in partnership with us to resolve your problem

Community Trigger

If you have reported repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour and feel there has been no response or an inadequate response, you can ask for an independent review of your case. This is known as the community trigger.

If your complaint meets certain grounds, the agencies involved – such as the council, police or housing associations – will carry out a formal case review.

If it doesn’t meet those grounds they will still review how persistent the anti-social behaviour is and its impact and decide whether further action can be taken. They will produce an action plan and discuss that with you to try and find a solution.

For more information please email environmentalprotection@salford.gov.uk or call 0161 793 2500.

Together we can make Salford safer.

ASB case review statistics

1 April 2023 to 30 September 2023:

  • 8 applications received
  • 1 application met the threshold
  • 1 ASB case review carried out
  • No ASB case reviews carried out that resulted in recommendations being made

Downloadable documents

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This page was last updated on 29 January 2024

Anti-social behaviour

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