Long-term support

If you are eligible for longer-term, publicly-funded care and support, Adult Social Care will talk to you about your options, give you an estimated cost of the care and support you need and help you to plan your support.

A social worker will work with you to identify how to meet your care and support needs. This will include: what family, friends and local groups can help you with; equipment that might help; and looking at care and support services.

Support planning

You will work with a social worker to agree what needs Adult Social Care can help you with and record them as your support plan. If you want someone independent to help and you don't have any family or friends, you can ask for an advocate.

What should be in your support plan?

Your support plan should include how your needs are going to be met, what is important to you, what outcomes you want to achieve and what care and support you will need.

It should explain how achieving your outcomes will improve your wellbeing. 

Adult Social Care will review your care and support needs and the services you are receiving, every year. You should contact Adult Social Care if your situation changes.

Personal budget

Once Adult Social Care has agreed your support plan, they can work out what your personal budget is - the amount of money that your care and support will cost.

Salford City Council will then work out how much you will have to pay and how much the council can help with the cost.

Need help?

You can complete a request support form for anyone who may have care and support needs.

What is an assessment?

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