Reviewing your support needs

A review is a re-assessment of your support needs. Adult social care aims to review your care and support regularly. You can also ask for a review any time your situation has changed.

Why does Adult Social Care review your situation?

Social workers review your situation to make sure that you are getting the right support to meet your needs. Your needs may change (you may have more or less care and support needs). New services and technology may give you more independence and improve your wellbeing.

What will happen at the review?

A social worker will usually arrange to visit you at home. If you want, you can invite other people who help look after you to the review. Sometimes, instead of visiting you, we may contact you by telephone or ask you to fill in a review form and send it back to us.

The social worker will look, with you, at:

  • What you need support with.
  • Whether you are achieving the outcomes in your support plan.
  • If your support needs have changed.
  • If there are other, better ways of meeting the outcomes in your support plan - for example, using equipment or telecare instead of staff visiting you.
  • Whether family, friends or neighbours are able to support you.
  • Whether other services can support you or you have other suggestions.

You can ask an advocate to come to your review, to help you get your point across.

What will happen next?

After your review, you and the social worker may need to write a new support plan, with new outcomes.

Your care and support can change as your situation changes. You may need more, less or different care and support. This can change how much you need to pay.

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