Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, laughing gas, hippie crack, NOS  – whatever you call it, do you know the dangers?

Inhaling the gas directly from the canister can cause the throat muscles to spasm and stop breathing. Taking too much can cause unconsciousness and suffocation and people have died as a result.

Regular, heavy use can also cause a lack of Vitamin B12 causing nerve damage. A Bristol woman who ended up paralysed as a result of her use of the drug, has warned others.

While it’s illegal to sell or give nitrous oxide canisters to someone for use as a drug, it can be bought legally in shops and on the internet for use in the kitchen. 

Please talk to your children about the dangers; if you need advice about this or other drugs the Talk to Frank website is helpful.

If you have information about the supply of nitrous oxide as a drug, report it to the police. You can use Live Chat or report it via the GMP website, report it via Crimestoppers or call 0800 555 111 which is completely anonymous.

Canister litter can be put in your black bin. You can report littering online.

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