Staying in hospital

If you need to stay overnight or longer in hospital.

Planned stays


  • There are lots of pet sitting services if friends and family are not able to help. Ask you vet.
  • The Cinnamon Trust is a charity that can look after your pets if you are an older person or terminally ill.
  • If you already use social services and you have no-one else who can help, the council can arrange to look after your pet while you're in hospital. There may be a small charge for this.


  • You may want to cancel regular deliveries such as milk and papers. If your stay is going to be quite some time, you may want to let Royal Mail know.


  • If you think that you will be in hospital for more than four weeks and you get benefits, you should let the benefits agency know. You may also want to let your gas and electricity suppliers know.

Planning for leaving hospital

You will be discharged from hospital once the doctors decide you are medically fit.

If you need some care and support when you leave, the ward will contact the hospital discharge team to assess what help you might need. A multi-disciplinary team (social workers, therapists, nurses) will then arrange the support you need before you are discharged.

If you’re worried that a family member or friend might need help and you’re not sure that it’s been arranged, speak to staff on the ward.

If you already have care and support at home and are going into hospital for a short stay

If your needs don't change following your stay in hospital, it is likely that you will continue to receive the same support when you leave.

If you are in hospital for a longer period of time, or your needs change, then your situation will be reassessed to work out what support you might need for discharge.

What if I find it difficult to cope when I get home?

If you return home from hospital and are finding it difficult to cope, contact Adult Social Care to talk about what support might be available to you.

Age UK Salford aftercare service

Staff from Age UK Salford can help Salford residents aged 55 years or more, who have been to accident and emergency or who have been inpatients. Staff work with the hospital doctors and nurses to find out what help you may need before and after you are discharged from hospital. Depending on your needs, Age UK can help you, for a few days up to a maximum of six weeks, to get better and retain your independence.


The Carers Emergency Scheme allows you to prepare for emergency admission into hospital - making sure plans are in place for the person you care for. 

Adult social care is now provided by Northern Care Alliance

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