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Make smoking history, 2 in 3 smokers will die too soon, unless they quit

If you’ve struggled to quit smoking, you’re not alone – it isn’t easy and can take some people up to 30 attempts to succeed. But with the right support many people quit after just three goes.

There’s loads of local help available to support you and so many reasons to keep on trying to quit.

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All the support you need

Salford's specialist Stop Smoking Service is part of the council's health improvement service. The team has been supporting people in Salford to quit or reduce smoking for over 16 years with a very high success rate.

People like James a Salford paramedic:

“In my role as a paramedic, I often saw the health risks from smoking, so I decided it was time for me to quit for good.

"But I knew I couldn’t quit by myself, so I contacted my local stop smoking service in Salford for support. They were really helpful. In my first coaching session, my stop smoking advisor discussed my reasons for quitting and then we talked about my daily routine and the importance of recognising patterns. I knew when I tended to smoke more.”

James quit smoking in January 2021, saved £3,000 and has noticed so many health benefits, including having more energy and no longer having heart palpitations.

A child with a birthday hat with the text: You'll miss singing them happy birthday more than you'll miss smoking

Why quit?

Smoking damages the lungs and weakens the immune system, making it harder to fight infections.

From the moment you quit smoking the body starts to heal itself which will help the body’s ability to fight off illnesses. Just 72 hours without smoking means your breathing will get easier and you’re on your way to reducing your risk of a heart attack or cancer.

The sooner you stop, the sooner you will start to feel the benefits.

Who is the Salford’s Stop Smoking Service for?

Young or old, the Stop Smoking Service is open to anyone over 16 who lives or works in Salford. We want to help as many residents as possible to stop smoking, so you can live healthier and happier lives.

The CURE Project

If you’re a smoker who is admitted to hospital, you’ll be offered help to stop smoking whilst you’re in hospital through the CURE project. The program includes pharmacotherapy and behavioural support to help you to quit and continues after you’re discharged.

How does Salford's Stop Smoking Service work?

It's simple, and you can apply to Stop Smoking Service in four easy steps:

Step 1

Refer yourself or get referred with our simple online application process or request a callback.

Step 2

We'll assess your current situation to learn more about your quitting motivation. We'll help you identify your daily smoking habits and triggers, whether stress, boredom, or social situations.

Tried to quit smoking before? No problem; we'll help you with what worked and what you can do differently this time. 

Step 3

Once we know where you are and your motivations to quit, we'll explore the different nicotine replacement products and other stop-smoking medicines available.

Step 4

Together, we'll create a plan and guide you to find solutions to help you quit smoking for good, including which product or combination of products could work best for you.

You'll also get:

  1. Mental wellbeing tools and resources to help you stay positive and on track
  2. Support and advice about how to access other local services
  3. Trained advisers on hand to offer you one-to-one support

Everything you need to succeed, with support every step of the way…

And remember, the Salford Stop Smoking Service is completely free to people living in Salford.

Vapes should only ever be used by adult smokers who want to quit smoking. Non-smokers should never start vaping as some vapes contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.  

Talk to one of the team today and let’s get your quit smoking journey started:

  • Call Health Improvement Connect on 0800 952 1000, option 2
  • Or refer yourself to the service by completing our online form below and somebody will be in touch to provide the support you need.
  • If you need an interpreter, let us know and we will arrange one for you.

Refer yourself form

We also offer a stop smoking drop-in session at the following location. If you are wishing to quit smoking, please drop in to speak to one of our stop smoking practitioners to learn about how we can support you to become a non-smoker. We offer a 12-week programme with free nicotine replacement therapy and one to one support.

Day Timings Location Frequency Extra information
Tuesday 1pm to 3.30pm


Energise Centre, Douglas Green, M6 6ES

Weekly Stop smoking drop-in session – no need to book, just turn up

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This page was last updated on 21 December 2023

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