Help shape health and social care

We want people with experience of health and social care services to help us develop and improve those services.

How can you get involved?

Citizen Groups

If you have a long-term condition, such as diabetes, stroke, heart problems, mental health problems or disability, there's likely to be at least one citizen group in the city that you could join. Some are both a support group and an influencing group. Search mycity Directory.

Healthwatch Salford

This is an independent organisation of local people which is a voice for all Salford residents. It checks how health and social care services are for local people and can report back and raise concerns locally and nationally.

Integrated Engagement Board

The engagement board is where citizens can sit with commissioners and providers to influence commissioning, to look at the design of services and the quality of Salford's health and social care services. The board looks at what is happening in Salford and compares it with other areas and with what the government says should be happening. Citizens are supported by Salford City Council staff.

Integrated Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Board

Commissioning is planning and making sure that the right services are available for local people. The integrated health and wellbeing commissioing board decides what are the right services and which organisations should provide the services.

Health and wellbeing board

This is the board which sees 'the big picture' and works to make life better for everyone in Salford. The board is responsible for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, which looks at all the facts and figures about the health and wellbeing of Salford people.

Getting involved in the local NHS

The Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership has a number of involvement groups and you can become a member of both Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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