New affordable homes to be built by the city

The city will build homes directly as a contractor and then on completion these homes will provide a range of tenure options inc affordable homes (social and affordable rent), home ownership and private rented accommodation. Although the exact nature of the delivery is to be determined, this approach will increase the affordable provision, affordable housing sector development and delivery capacity in Salford.

These new high quality homes, made up of a range of sizes and types that will reflect local priorities, such as being wheelchair accessible and highly energy efficient to reduce fuel bills. Providing a range of flexible and adaptable homes in mixed, balanced and sustainable neighbourhoods offering a variety of employment and other opportunities to those who live there now and in the future. 

Local builders and suppliers will be used where possible to boost the Salford economy and contractors will be asked to maximise ‘social value.’ This means offering training and apprenticeship opportunities to local people during construction, working with local schools to offer advice and information about careers in construction, buying local products where possible and taking care of the environment.

Contractors will be asked to abide by the code for considerate construction which includes site management plans to mitigate the impact of the development on neighbours and compliance with any coronavirus regulations in force at the time.

One of the first sites proposed to be developed under this new model is a site in council ownership at Longshaw Drive, Little Hulton. Working with Wates an indicative viable and workable high level mixed tenure scheme of 177 homes has been developed consisting of a range of one to five bed houses and apartments. This scheme is shown below.


Number of bedrooms Total Sale/ private sector rent Affordable Affordable rent Social rent
1 33 11 22 11 11
2 12 4 8 4 4
Total 45 15 30 15 15


Number of bedrooms Total Sale/ private sector rent Affordable Affordable rent Social rent
2 31 16 15 8 7
3 70 35 35 17 18
4 30 15 15 7 8
5 1 0 1 1 0
Total 132 66 66 33 33

Grand total

Grant total Sale/ private sector rent Affordable Affordable rent Social rent Total
177 81 96 48 48 177

Have your say

Applications for pre application have been submitted. Members of the public can give their early views on the scheme. All comments are taken into account to help shape this development. 

We will also share information with ward councillors, neighbourhood managers and existing community networks and ask them to feedback local views at the appropriate time. News and information will also be publicised through Salford City Council’s usual channels such as our quarterly Life in Salford magazine, website, Twitter and Facebook.

We welcome general comments on our housing plans.

More information

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Delivering affordable housing

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