Make a complaint about your rented home or private landlord

We want to make sure that landlords in Salford provide an excellent service to their tenants.

Complaining about your social rented home

If you have a complaint about your social home, or in other words home owned by a Registered Housing Provider (Housing Association) then you should raise this with your housing provider first.

You should report the complaint through your housing providers usual complaints/report it system and work with them to try to solve the problem.

If you are unhappy with the response you received from your housing provider you should make them aware of this, so they have the chance to decide what to do.

If you are still unhappy you can report the problem to the council, using the report it link below or you can contact the Housing Ombudsman.

What the council can deal with:

  • Private rented properties in disrepair
  • Landlords not doing repairs
  • Fire safety in private rented properties
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), when a house is shared by two or more people (and they are not related to each other)
  • Complaints regarding licensed properties
  • Complaints regarding licensed landlords

What powers does the council use?

We deal with complaints under the Housing Act 2004.

What we can't deal with:

You can report anti-social behaviour here.

Private rented accommodation

See our standards in Salford page where you can download documents which set out the standards that need to achieved in private rented accommodation.

Further advice

For further advice relating to housing issues see: 

Report it

If you wish to make a complaint to us regarding any of the issues above please use our form.

Make a complaint about a rented property

Or you can use the form below to report an empty property

Report an empty property

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