Salford's approach to landlord licensing

This page provides details of Salford's approach to landlord licensing.

Landlord licensing referencing

Under the new regulations introduced by the Housing Act 2004, Salford City Council have introduced a Mandatory HMO Licensing Scheme and a Selective Licensing Scheme. This means landlords of certain properties are now required to apply for a licence and adhere to certain licence conditions.

One of the licence conditions will require landlords to get tenant references. References allow the landlord to make an informed decision as to whether to let their property to the proposed tenant. It highlights the history of a tenant including any rent arrears or nuisance. This will ensure landlords are made aware of those minority tenants who persistently cause anti-social behaviour.

In order to assist landlords with this requirement, the landlord licensing team have produced a referencing proforma and inventory checklist which landlords are able to download below.

Landlord Licensing Working Group

The Landlord Licensing Working group was set up so landlords can directly work through the licensing proposals with the local authority. Landlords are encouraged to put across their ideas and concerns and to raise any issues which they feel would impact on their business or the market generally.

The group is well attended and open to any landlord.

To see the agendas, minutes or date of the next meeting, please contact the landlord licensing team, details below.

Register of landlord licences, temporary exemption notices and management orders

Under the Housing Act 2004, every local authority must establish a register of all mandatory HMO licences, selective licences, temporary exemption notices and management orders that they have issued.

These registers are available to inspect, free of charge, from the licensing team and will give you a brief description of the licence holder and the property. If you require a copy of the register emailing or posting to you, you will be required to pay a fee of £50.

You are able to download from this page the licence conditions that each licence holder must abide by.

Failure to abide by these conditions may result in any or all of the following:

  • Management order being applied
  • Rent repayment order being applied
  • Fine of up to £5,000 on conviction
  • Removal from landlord accreditation scheme
  • Apply of civil penalty of up to £30,000

If you wish to make a complaint regarding any properties or licence holders, please contact the landlord licensing team.

Licensing proformas

After the commencement of the Mandatory HMO Licensing  and the Selective Licensing scheme, under the Housing Act 2004, the landlord licensing team at Salford City Council, has designed a suite of proformas to assist landlords in compiling with the conditions that licensing will impose.

A reference proforma, and an inventory have been designed, which can be downloaded from this page along with a sample tenancy agreement. These forms are only a guide and it is NOT a licence condition to use these specific forms.

Who to contact

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This page was last updated on 6 July 2020

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