Housing strategies

This page contains the current housing related strategies.

Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy 2022 to 2025

Find out more about the Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy 2022 to 2025 and Salford's vision. Alternatively the strategy can be downloaded below.

Housing Revenue Account (HRA) business plan

'Making the future happen in Salford: our housing revenue account business plan 2005 to 2035' sets out our long-term priorities, plans and actions for council housing in our city for the coming years.

What is the business plan?

The business plan describes our vision for the future of our housing stock and how we intend to meet the investment requirements necessary to meet the Decent Homes standard.

The business plan:

  • identifies the needs for both investment and continuous improvement in service delivery
  • shows the consultative process that we have adopted to best meet the aims and aspirations of our residents
  • demonstrates how the stock will be managed over the forthcoming years, while the action plan shows our strategic intent both in terms of investment and service development

As a whole, the business plan identifies our ability to provide effective stewardship for the stock through our partnerships with tenants, service users and stakeholders.

The purpose of the business plan is to set out:

  • our purpose and mission as a social housing landlord
  • our objectives and standards for the service
  • the strategies to be adopted in order to achieve the objectives and standards for our service
  • a framework for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the housing ‘business'
  • information about the authority's plans to be communicated to government, key stakeholders - particularly tenants, other partners and the wider community

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