Dog breeding

Do I need a dog breeding licence?

If you breed three or more litters of puppies in any 12 month period OR you breed dogs and advertise a business of selling dogs, as defined by  The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 , you will be required to obtain an animal activity licence from Salford City Council. This includes the breeding of dogs from a private dwelling.

Further guidance on whether you are a ‘business’ can be found on the animal licensing page


In order to obtain an animal activity licence, you need to ensure that you meet the specific licence conditions which relate to that activity. The conditions relating to breeding dogs can be found in the legislation detailed above and DEFRA has produced a guidance note for the breeding of dogs, to assist licence holders comply. The link to this guidance is detailed below and a PDF version is available at the bottom of this page:

Environmental health officers will inspect the premises to check compliance with the legislation, licence conditions and assess the welfare of the animals to ensure they have the following:

  • a suitable environment/place to live
  • a suitable diet including fresh water
  • the ability to exhibit normal behaviour
  • housed, as appropriate, either with or apart from other animals
  • protection from and treatment of pain, suffering, injury or disease

As well as checking general health and safety requirements (in non-domestic premises).


The fees for breeding dogs varies dependant on the type of premises and are payable in two parts: 

  • Application fee - this should be submitted with your application forms (non refundable). In accordance with DEFRA guidance, to ensure that applications are processed and premises inspected before licences expire, application and fees to renew animal activity licences should be submitted at least ten weeks before the current licence expires. If applications and fees are received with less than ten weeks left on the licence, there may not be sufficient time to process the application and inspect the premises before the licence expires. Please be aware that businesses will not be permitted to trade unless a valid licence is held. If renewal applications are submitted after the expiry date there will be an interim period where trade is not permitted until a new licence has been issued. You should also be aware that failure to apply and pay for the renewal within time of the current licence, will result in having to apply as a ‘new’ business and the higher application and grant fees will apply.

Please be aware that if you are applying for more than one licensable activity such as breeding and boarding of dogs then the higher application fee will apply, plus an additional £79 for every other activity applied for.

  • Grant fee - that depends on the duration of your licence payable after your inspection (non refundable).

The table below summarises the dog breeding fees:

Type New application cost Renewal application cost
Residential £267 £236
Commercial £317 £261

In addition: Grant fee (after inspection)

Number of years Type New application cost Renewal application cost
One year Residential £92 £77
One year Commercial £115 £84
Two year Residential £143 £128
Two year Commercial £166 £135
Three year Residential £197 £179
Three year Commercial £217 £186
Variation   £79 per hour of officer time (this will vary depending on the variation to the licence being requested)

Star re-rating request

£79 plus the grant fee

All the above fees do not include any charges incurred from a vet inspection which if required will have to be paid in addition to the licensing fee. A variation fee will be charged for any required changes to the licence once it has been issued.

How to apply

Before you apply you should be fully familiar with the specific licence conditions and be confident in meeting them.

If you wish to apply for a new dog breeding activity licence or renew your current licence, you need to complete:

  1. Section 1
  2. Main application form and
  3. Section 10

Please download each of these forms, complete the relevant sections and return the forms, along with the necessary supporting documentation to Environmental Health.  This can be e-mailed to Once fees have been confirmed, a card payment can be made over the phone by telephoning 0161 925 1097, or alternatively the application forms can be posted to Environmental Health, Place Directorate, Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Salford, M27 5FJ with a cheque, made payable to ‘Salford City Council’.

Will my rating be published?

Yes. Once you have been inspected and the officer has determined your star rating, this will be   published on our website. The register shows your business name, business address (although if you trade from a domestic premises this is not disclosed), the type(s) of licence(s) you hold and the star rating.

This page was last updated on 20 January 2022

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