Filming in Salford

Salford is a film-friendly city which supports requests wherever it can.

We are happy to discuss use of our property and road closures where possible, if generous time is given in advance.

Please note that we do not operate a film officer or a film office service. Each department that you may need is doing so in addition to their usual responsibilities.

With this in mind, we require ten days’ notice for any filming enquiries and will come back to you as soon as we can.

HETV Drama production or a Feature Film production (only)

Please contact

Filming on highways (which includes footpaths, pavements and roads)

Please contact

Filming in parks and greenspaces

Please contact

Filming in property and buildings

Please contact

Filming at MediaCity

For enquiries about filming or filming with drones at MediaCity please email

You can also download their drome policy (Adobe PDF format, 84kb)

Filming at Salford Quays (land managed by Salford City Council)

Please contact Fees may apply. You must clearly identify the land you wish to use.

University of Salford - Student filming and photography permission (outdoor film shoots)

Checklist - before you apply

  1. Check the postcode of your location to make sure that the postcode falls within Salford. You can use this postcode checker to see which borough your location falls under. If the land or property is privately owned, you will need to seek permission from the owner directly as this would not be covered by an application to a local council.
  2. Recce your location. Make sure it is suitable for your needs before putting in an application. Take photos so you can plan your shoot and assess any hazards.
  3. Consider your content. If your content involves crime scenes, weapons or anything that may cause alarm or offence, there will be additional considerations when submitting an application. You will need to inform Greater Manchester Police by completing this Notify GMP about filming form. You can find additional guidance and information from the police by visiting Blackboard (the link is below)
  4. Write a method statement. This forms part of your risk assessment, but may also be asked for separately during some application processes. It is a detailed description of all activities you will undertake. Pay particular attention to anything that may cause distress to the public and how you will mitigate for this. Important note: We advise that you do not seek to close roads or pavements as it is likely your application will be rejected
  5. Write a location-specific risk assessment. As well as an equipment list, and crew details, include details about how you will address any hazards at your location.
  6. Book your equipment and get your risk assessment approved. For MediaCity students, this is all done via SiSo. For New Adelphi students, equipment must be booked through Connect2. Your risk assessment should be emailed to your tutor for approval. Allow enough time for them to check it and suggest any amendments. When you make your application, make sure you include the approved version of your risk assessment with your tutor's name or signature.

Submitting your application

Make sure you allow a minimum of five working days from submission to first day of filming. This is to allow enough time for the council to assess your application and liaise with the relevant departments.

To apply please fill in this Microsoft Form. Please note that this is for University of Salford staff and students only, and you will be required to log in to your University of Salford account.

What happens next

  • Your form and relevant documentation will be forwarded to the University’s Film Permit team, who will check that your application has an approved risk assessment attached and that you have allowed enough time for consideration.
  • If you have not completed the process properly, you will receive an email asking you to fill in a new application. If everything is in order, your application will be forwarded by email to Salford City Council and you will be copied in.
  • The council will then consider your application and either approve or reject it. They will let you know by email.

Additional guidance

You can find additional guidance by visiting this Blackboard community and selecting the fourth option ‘Location filming - apply for permission’. Please note, you will be asked to log in with your Salford username.

Here you will find guidance on how to apply within different boroughs as well as Salford.

Filming with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs or Drones in Salford

The guidance below covers applications to film in Salford by a professional done company with appropriate qualifications and correct paperwork to meet the CAA regulations.

Salford City Council is proud to be a member of the Filming in England Partnership. See further guidance on filming in England.

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