Filming in Salford

All filming in Salford’s parks, open spaces, public highways, car parks, and streets as well as the adopted highway including pavements, require formal permission from Salford City Council.

Please read all information provided carefully before proceeding.

Filming on highways, pavements and pedestrianised areas

Any production that is filming anywhere on the adopted highway must be issued with a licence by Salford City Council in advance of filming - the adopted highway includes almost all pavements and pedestrianised areas in the district. A licence is required for any equipment being used anywhere on the highway, eg tripod.

If in doubt you should assume that a licence is required.

A licence costs £75 and allows filming at up to three locations within one ward over three days.

As of 1 April 2021, Salford City Council requires that payment is received before a licence can be issued.

Filming in parks and cemeteries

Applications for filming in parks and cemeteries are considered based on availability and suitability of park or cemetery on the date required.

Fees collected after the filming has been completed.

Filming with drones

We are in the process of updating our guidance in line with the new changes in drone regulations as of 31 December 2020. The below guidelines are a guide only to Salford's local drone policy and any drone filming must be undertaken by a professional done company with appropriate qualifications to meet the updated regulations.

Guidelines for event managers and film crews operating drones in Salford (Adobe PDF format, 189kb)

University of Salford - Student filming and photography permission (outdoor film shoots)

Please note that only University of Salford students can make a filming application to the council. An agreement is in place with your university to allow students to film as part of their assigned coursework.

This agreement includes creating opportunities for creativity, learning, experiment, outdoor film location management and experience. 

Public liability insurance is in place for University of Salford students to film at public locations in Salford.

Applications require a minimum of five working days to process.

Your application is processed via the council’s film partner Creative England. You will need to register with Creative England to apply.

Creative England will provide a confirmation of no objection from the council to film as described in your application. You will be notified via your university email address only.

No other film permit will be issued by the council.

There are no changes for student filming. 

Specific guidance for University of Salford student filming and photographing in Salford:

  • Applications to film in cemeteries are not being accepted at this stage
  • Applications can only be made for land managed by the city council. This includes all highways, streets, roads, pavements, paved areas, green and open spaces and public parks in Salford.
  • You should familiarise yourself with the exact location before you apply and be able to properly record the location on the application form.
  • Please submit a copy of your COVID-19 secure risk assessment for each filming session and location.
  • This COVID-19 secure risk assessment must be signed by a University of Salford tutor or education provider.
  • Film crew including actors, must not exceed a maximum 10 people. If you exceed this number, additional information on the crew size will be required to justify the increase in numbers.
  • Everyone involved with filming at your location, including crew and actors must abide by the latest COVID-19 testing guidance issued via the University of Salford.
  • You must abide by the University of Salford code of conduct while filming in a public place.
  • You are responsible for the safety of your crew and proper use of filming equipment while on location.
  • All filming applications will be assessed and processed via Creative England on behalf of the city council.
  • Please also be aware that city council officers may inspect your location shoot on the day of filming to ensure there are no breaches of protocols. University of Salford will be consulted if serious breaches are found.
  • Not all applications are successful, you may apply again for a different location or date if your location is unavailable or unsuited to the film shoot you have described in your original application.

To apply for filming permission please follow the instructions below:


  1. Register your email on the Creative England database
  2. After registering go to the Filming Enquiries and Applications page 
  3. Click on the 'FILM HERE' box and sign in 
  4. Click on the New Filming Application box and fill out the application. 

Applications should:

  • Include as much detail as possible about the location(s) from your approved risk assessment
  • Include key data such as dates, times and equipment information
  • Include a short, concise written phrase in the relevant box provided which outlines what you aim to do and how you plan to safely achieve this

Submitting your filming enquiry

All filming enquiries for Salford are managed on behalf of Salford City Council by our partners Creative England, who are the first point of contact for all filming requests.

The minimum required public liability insurance to film in Salford is £5 million. Proof of adequate insurance must be supplied with all filming requests. A risk assessment will also be required to authorise any filming activity.

Important information

The minimum lead in time for all requests is three working days.

Applications submitted with less than three working days notice will not be considered.

This is the minimum amount of notice required for simple requests and productions should endeavour to provide as much notice as possible, especially for complex requests and any activity that may impact the vehicular highway.

When you are ready to submit your filming enquiry, please visit the Filming in England website to submit details of your enquiry.

Salford City Council is proud to be a member of the Filming in England Partnership. See further guidance on filming in England.

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