Cycle parking in Salford

Salford is a great place to get around by bike. Parking your bike securely can be one on the biggest frustrations for cyclists. In Salford there are various secure places to park your bicycle, as well as general on street cycle parking.

Residential bike hangers

Salford City Council with TfGM have on street residential cycle parking located around Salford, which can used by residents to securely park their bikes.

More information on residential bike hangers

Walkden Cycle Hub

The Walkden Cycle Hub will be a new secure facility enabling users to leave their bikes at Walkden train station. The hub will be located within the park and ride facility at the station. The cycle hub will be protected by CCTV and have restricted access to members only.

More information on Walkden Cycle Hub

Other cycle hubs

TfGM also operate cycle hubs at MediaCity and Irlam train station. Access to these are provided through TfGM.

More information on access to these and the locations can be found on TfGM’s website.

Park and Pedal

Salford’s new Park and Pedal scheme allows commuters who live a long way from the city centre to park their cars and cycle the last section of their journey to work. The new Park and Pedal scheme is based at Albert Park in Broughton, just 1.5 miles from the city centre.

More information about Park and Pedal

General public cycle parking

Most locations have cycle parking located outside or close by. These are usually in the form of a cycle hoop which cycle can be locked to. We would always recommend that a D-Lock is used to ensure the highest level of protection for your cycle.

Cycling UK have tips on how to securely lock your bike and reduce the chances of theft.

If there isn’t any cycle parking at your destination or you feel that the cycle parking is not adequate, please contact us and let us know what we can do to improve it.


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