School crossing patrols

School crossing patrols - or lollipop men and women, as they are affectionately known - are there to help both children and adults to cross the roads.

Many schools have a 'lollipop' person operating nearby. Wherever you know a crossing patrol operates, please give them every consideration and assistance:


  • Always wait until the patrol has stopped all the traffic before you start to cross
  • Always cross in front of the patrol
  • Please remember that even when a patrol is provided it is still a parent's responsibility to see their children safely to and from school


  • Park well away from a patrol - they need to see and be seen by approaching traffic
  • Always reduce your speed and be prepared to stop
  • Obey their instructions when signalled to stop
  • Give patrols time to cross the children safely and return back to the pavement

How to request a school crossing patrol near you

Anyone can make a request for a school crossing patrol, however before consideration is made a thorough investigation of the proposed site is carried out and strict national criteria must be met.

The criterion is based on the findings of a pedestrian and traffic count.

The count is carried out at a location during the busiest half hour periods morning and afternoon. There is a national criterion that must be met before a patrol is provided.

The criterion is that PxV² (where P=Pedestrians and V=Vehicles) must exceed four million to qualify for a patrol. There must be more than 15 children crossing in a half hour period. If a patrol is justified at the location a report is presented to the Assistant Mayor for approval. Once approved we advertise the post, which could take some time.

Even if a patrol is provided it is still the responsibility of parents to see their children to and from school.

If you feel that a patrol is needed let us know by completing the form below and we will carry out investigations. You can complete and return the application form or print off the form and post to:

Road Casualty Reduction Group
Technical Services
Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5AS


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