Organising an event in a Salford public park, green space or open space

Important information: please read our advice page about orgainising an event

Event applications for group activities or events in parks or green spaces during Spring and Summer 2021

As we move out of national lockdown and begin to open up our communities once more, we will continue to monitor the latest government guidance and public health data when reviewing event application requests.

Salford City Council cannot approve or consider any applications for events or group activities that are in breach of national restrictions that apply at this time. We understand how important events are for our city and we encourage you to look at our updated pages below that give an overview of the options available to you when applying to hold your event in the coming weeks and months.

All applications will require:

  • Robust COVID-19 secure risk assessments
  • Evidence of your public liability insurance cover

For fitness application only:

  • Evidence of qualification as a fitness instructor
  • Risk assessment and copy of the personal fitness form to be signed by your clients

Applications for private parties, weddings and family gatherings not accepted for parks and open spaces.

About applications for events

If you’re looking to apply to hold an event in Salford this page has all the details you need to learn more about what options are open to you in the application stage.

All the steps are laid out in line with the government's roadmap for easing restrictions. We encourage you to look at our easy to use guide below which includes a list of the types of events and applications that may be considered. A step-by-step guide is also listed below and covers everything you need to know about how your application is assessed in 2021.

Events in Salford Summer 2021

Be sure to check this page regularly for updates as all events are subject to change in line with the government’s roadmap review stages. Note that these dates are wholly contingent on public health data and are subject to change. We aim to keep you up to date and ensure the safety of our residents and communities is maintained.

Events that require permission for use of highways

You will be asked to provide a route map. Please note Salford is undergoing major roadworks and development across the city in 2021. You must check that your route is not affected by these roadworks.

Events at Salford Quays (including fun runs, sports events, charity walks, bike rides)

If you are planning an event at Salford Quays on land managed by Salford City Council. Please email your event details to

Important application information 

The application site is open now for events in parks and greenspaces. You can only apply to hold events that are in line with stages outlined in the government’s roadmap.

Event and festivals organisers who choose to submit applications will be contacted about the processing of their application and may be invited to discuss their event plans with the city’s Safety Advisory Group. This group meets monthly.

The Safety Advisory Group will consider event applications that are compliant with COVID-Secure guidance, have completed a related risk assessment and are in line with social contact limits and government guidance at each stage. The Safety Advisory Group will consider applications subject to these conditions but unfortunately will not be able to guarantee absolute approval of any event and may have to reject or cancel events at short notice. This is due to the dates and conditions outlined being contingent on public health data and measures that are subject to change at short notice.

Information about liability for events

We strongly advise that all festival and event organisers consider the date of events carefully and the potential for events to be cancelled at short notice. Liability lies with event organisers and we suggest applications should reflect the need to plan in advance to reduce liability. This could mean applications being submitted in advance or pushing the date of your event back to account for a potential change to government guidance surrounding permitted events at any given stage.

Event organiser responsibility 

Organisers and attendees must adhere to all legal requirements, including maintaining group sizes permitted by social contact restrictions at the relevant step in the Roadmap and preventing mixing between groups, enforcing social distancing guidelines and mandating face coverings in indoor areas where required.

From 17 May 

Currently, you can apply to hold an event in parks and greenspaces subject to the following specific conditions:

  • Events comply with COVID-Secure guidance including taking reasonable steps to limit the risk of transmission
  • Organisers have completed a related risk assessment
  • Ensure that those attending do not mix beyond what is permitted by the social contact limits (social contact limits at this stage - in a group of 6 people or 2 households indoors or in a group of no more than 30 people outdoors)
  • Events comply with capacity limits set out below

Remaining outdoor entertainment events, such as cinemas, theatres, and other performance events will be permitted at this stage.

Spectators will be allowed at elite sporting events and performance events. Attendance at these events will be restricted to 1,000 people or 50% of a venue’s capacity, whichever is lower at indoor events and up to 4,000 people or 50% of a site or venue’s capacity, whichever is lower at outdoor events. For outdoor events taking place in venues with seated capacity of over 16,000, event organisers may apply a 25% capacity cap, up to a maximum of 10,000 seated people. Large business events will also be able to go ahead, subject to the same capacity requirements.

For those events subject to capacity caps, it should be noted that the caps refer to the event attendees only. Staff, workers and volunteers are covered by the work exemption so should not be counted as part of the capacity cap. Get information on exemptions.

You can apply to hold some large events, including conferences, theatre and concert performances and sports events. As noted above, the Government will also make a special provision for large, outdoor, seated venues where crowds can be safely distributed, allowing up to 10,000 people or 25% of total seated capacity, whichever is lower. This provision can be used by venues with a seated capacity of 16,000 or above. For events with mixed seating and standing areas, the capacity cap will be calculated as 25% of seated capacity, irrespective of any standing capacity.

All capacity restrictions must be adhered to at any point throughout the event. If an event runs over the course of multiple days, no more than the stated capacity limit for that event should be admitted at any one time over that period.

Events that may be considered include: 

  • Community festivals up to 50% of capacity (up to 4,000 people)
  • Open-air cinemas
  • Festival parades
  • Smaller funfairs
  • Outdoor theatre
  • Horse shows
  • Charity bike rides
  • Triathlons
  • Fun runs over 500 people
  • Historic re-enactments

There are three steps to assessing your application in 2021

Step one

Salford City Council will check availability of the location on the dates and times you have requested. They will check the suitability of the park for the event described and the activities you intend to undertake, including arrangements for event car parking.

Step two

Your application maybe referred to the city’s Safety Advisory Group, this group is made up of key partners including Greater Manchester Police, regulatory officers and other emergency services. You maybe asked to supply your operational and site plans along with significant crowd management plans. The COVID-19 guidance or regulations affecting your event, may be explained further at this stage.

Should issues around public health and the spread of COVID-19 increase in Salford, you may be given additional advise or asked to postpone or cancel your event. This advice may differ from government guidelines issued at the time your application is assessed.

Step three

You will then be notified of the outcome of your application, along with deadlines for any additional paperwork, licensing, fees or insurance documents required. Should your application be refused, an explanation of the decision will be given. The final decision will be made by the Salford Safety Advisory Group in the event of an appeal.

Small gatherings form

Apply to hold a small gathering for up to 30 people in a public park, green space or open space

Event application form, attach your public liability insurance

Apply to hold an event in a public park, green space or open space

Physical fitness form, attach documents listed above 

Apply to hold a fitness class or training in a park or open space

Travelling fairgrounds and amusement park applications for the funfairs and bouncy castle sector

Salford City Council is suspending applications for stand-alone travelling funfairs, amusement parks or bouncy castle operators (Travelling Fairground Sector) in Salford parks this summer. We hope to accept applications again from Tuesday 31 August 2021.

Sites not available in autumn and winter 2021 include Monton Green, Clifton Country Park, Three Sisters, Worsley Green, Blackleach Country Park and Kersal Wetlands.

Applicants will then be contacted about the processing of their application and may be invited to discuss their plans with the city’s Safety Advisory Group. This group meets monthly. All approved applications will be subject to the government COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions in place at the time of the event.

Commercial fees and a refundable bond will apply.

You must ensure all documentation, certification, insurance and inspection paperwork is up to date and complete before you apply.

Please email with proposed dates and locations

Important information: please read our advice page about orgainising an event

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