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Play area in Peel Park

Working with the Friends of Peel Park Salford City Council secured Heritage Lottery Funding as well as other funding to restore the park and reintroduce some of its historic features along with other physical improvements. A masterplan was drawn up in line with local consultation and historic research.

In addition to the capital works, a programme of activities and events to encourage a wider range of people to visit the park was developed. The park is now a destination for both community events and large scale events.

The park-based Ranger post has been in place for five years, they manage the programme of activities and learning as well as ensuring that park maintenance is carried out to a high standard. As part of their duties they also work with and support the Friends Group as well as co-ordinate the volunteers.

A new play area was included as part of the improvements within the park. The circular beds laid out by earlier gardeners have been renovated and are planted and looked after seasonally with colourful bedding plants and perennials. A tree survey was carried out to determine which trees needed to be removed, several specimen trees were added. This has opened up views across the park while retaining a good cover of mature and newly planted trees and shrubs.

Interpretation panels and wayfinding posts have been installed to tell the story of the park and help people find their way around.

Links to the surrounding area have been improved with the footbridge over the Irwell reopened and better access on the west side from the university.

The Park Keepers and gardeners will have a base in the Maxwell Building (the tall block beside the museum), opening out onto the park.

A group of volunteers planting trees

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