Salford twin town - Lünen

Lünen was twinned with the former borough of Swinton and Pendlebury from 1966. The link arose from wartime friendship struck up by Mr Les Suggett and a German prisoner of war.

Both men were miners and after the war they promoted a link between the mining unions in the two towns. That was cemented when Jim Birmingham, a miners' union official, was Mayor of Swinton and Pendlebury in 1966.

How you can be involved

The Salford-Lünen Twinning Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm at Salford Civic Centre, Swinton. Its meetings are open to all who want to contribute to town twinning in Salford.

If you want to learn more about our links with Lünen or find out about a particular event, please email

Gallagher Lünen/Salford Travelling Scholarship Trust

Thanks to the Gallagher Lünen/Salford Travelling Scholarship Trust, young people from Salford and Lünen between the age of 16 and 21 are encouraged to take advantage of the European gateway that is open to them between the two cities.

The re-established trust fund has requested that its name be changed to the Gallagher Lünen/Salford Travelling Scholarship Trust, in memory of the late Jack and Jessie Gallagher, who were stalwarts of the Swinton and Pendlebury/Lünen Town Twinning Committee for many years, and put a lot of hard work into maintaining links between our two cities.

With the help of the trust, young people from both Salford and Lünen can have the opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle that their respective twin city has to offer.

Grant funding of up to £650 is available to facilitate travel and accommodation, and to generally ease the financial burden and enable the individual to benefit from this unique twinned relationship. An application form is available below.

Advice to potential applicants

The Gallagher Lünen/Salford Travelling Scholarship Trust was established to encourage participation by young people in exchanges between Salford and its German twin town of Lunen.

The trust is able to make grants to young people aged between 16 and 21 years who are residents of either city.

  • The trustees have yet to develop guidelines for the award of grants but in the past they have part-funded the total costs of travelling to and staying in the twin town or have funded one element of the costs, for example, travel tickets.
  • Salford residents may approach the Swinton and Pendlebury (Salford) - Lünen Twinning Committee or the Salford Churches' Partnership for information and advice about travel to and accommodation in Lünen. Contact details are below:

Those qualifying Salford residents who wish to discover the delights of Lünen can apply for the scholarship grant by downloading and completing an application form (available to download at the foot of this page) and sending it to:

The Trustees
Gallagher Lünen/Salford Travelling Scholarship Trust
Strategic Director of Housing and Planning
Salford City Council
Civic Centre
M27 5BW

Electronic applications are welcome. Just email your completed application form to

Swinton and Pendlebury (Salford) - Lünen Twinning Committee

  • Mr. Ray Selby, Chairman, 3 Gorse Road, Swinton, M27 5QZ
  • Jean Sofield, Secretary, 3 Deansway, Swinton, M27 0WH
  • Mr. Bob Welsby, Treasurer, 5 Crossfield Drive, Swinton, M27 9TN

Salford Churches' Partnership

  • Reverend Doctor Keith Archer, The Vicarage, 43 Derby Road, Salford, M6 5YD
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