Report your lost dog

If your dog is missing let our dog wardens know at the earliest opportunity by using the form below.

Be prepared to give a detailed description of your dog, including the time and location your dog was last seen.

If you have a recent photograph of your dog you can upload it at the end of the form.

Report a missing dog

Other people you can contact

If your dog is microchipped and you know the company your dog is registered with, call and update them that your dog is missing.

Contact local vet surgeries as members of the public often report found dogs to local vets first.

Contact local animal rescue centres in the area. A list of local centres is provided on our dog warden service page.

Publicise your lost dog by word of mouth and posters, the use of social media such as Facebook or Twitter can also be useful. You can also post details of missing dogs on our Facebook page. Other websites such as Dog Lost can be a good way of spreading the word regarding your missing dog and gaining additional helpers in the search for your pet

If you think your dog has been stolen, then you need to contact the Greater Manchester Police on 101 and obtain a crime reference number

If you have pet insurance it may be worth contacting your insurance provide as some will reimburse costs associated with trying to find a missing dog, these can include paying for an advert in a newspaper and sometimes even a reward. Please remember to update the various agencies you have contact when you find your dog

When we find a dog

For details about what happens when a dog is found please see our found dogs page.

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