Food safety advice service

If you have a food business in Salford, we're now offering you the chance to have an optional advisory visit ahead of an unannounced food hygiene inspection.

Here's some points why an advisory visit would be good for your business:

  • Food Standards Agency (FSA) research has shown that customers are becoming more aware of the food hygiene rating scheme and are actively looking for hygiene rating stickers when they're out and about!
  • An increasing number of food businesses are displaying their hygiene rating stickers and more than a third of them say that they have a positive impact. A better rating means more customers!
  • The vast majority of our customers feel it's important to have a better rating/result than their competitors.
  • In a recent FSA Public Attitudes survey, 83% of respondents in England reported having seen a rating sticker on display in the last 12 months.

We have experienced Environmental Health Officers available to provide hygiene advice to:

  • New businesses before they start trading, to ensure that things are right first time.
  • Existing businesses who have experienced difficulties between routine inspections or would like to request a visit before the routine inspection is due.
  • Existing businesses who have more technical questions and require complex food safety advice, or are maybe thinking of introducing a different manufacturing process or wish us to review specific documentation.

How to pay

This advice service is chargeable and the specific details of what you can receive are outlined below.

The payment will be taken over the telephone. Please email with your request including your full name and contact number. Once payment has been made an officer will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable time to visit the premises.

You can also request a food hygiene rating revisit.

Please note that an advisory visit does not guarantee a higher rating on the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme but it should help you comply with regulations and may identify areas you need to improve on.

If you’d like to discuss your specific needs with an officer please complete our free online form.

Types of advice

New businesses

Before you open your food business in Salford you can obtain advice from a food safety officer who will be able to make you aware of all the food hygiene requirements that you need to consider before you start trading.

There is a charge for this service of £120 (including VAT) which includes the following:

  • A food safety officer will arrange to meet you at a convenient time to discuss food safety requirements, at your proposed premises.
  • Undertake a pre-inspection of the proposed premises offering advice about structural requirements and your proposed layout.
  • Issue you with a detailed pre-inspection report, highlighting all the issues that require your attention before the full registration inspection takes place.
  • Issue you with a complete Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) pack and a 12 month supply of diary sheets, along with a full explanation of how this should be completed.
  • Signpost you to other sources of information, agencies or council departments as appropriate.
  • Provide temperature monitoring sheets that you can use, amend or copy.

Existing businesses

If you are already running a food business in Salford you can also request food safety advice. For existing businesses this is charged at £120 (including VAT) for up to two hours officer time or £240 (including VAT) for up to four hours officer time and £66 per hour thereafter.

If you wanted to improve your hygiene rating before your routine food hygiene inspection you can request a pre-inspection, which is likely to take up to two hours of officer time, charged at £120 and would include:

  • A full review of your premises and food safety documentation i.e. Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) before the routine inspection due date.
  • The officer will discuss with you the legal requirements and advisory matters that require your attention.
  • A detailed report, listing all the requirements that need to be addressed to improve your rating.
  • Any missing SFBB pages or other supporting documentation can be provided.
  • Other requests for advice can be tailored to your business requirements.

Once payment has been made by telephoning 0161 925 1097 a food safety officer will contact you to discuss your exact needs. If you have taken steps to improve hygiene standards since the last routine inspection you can request a revisit for a food safety officer to re-assess the hygiene rating awarded. This can be done by completing the revisit request form, attaching your inspection report and paying the £170 fee.

Complex food safety advice

If you require specialist food safety advice of a more technical nature, e.g. the assessment of HACCP records and procedures, the implementation of a specific food process, review of allergen management system or would like food labels reviewing against legislative requirements, it may be more appropriate to seek advice on an hourly rate basis.

Currently we offer this service at £66 an hour (including VAT), however it may be more appropriate for you to consider entering a Primary Authority partnership. Please telephone 0161 925 1097 to speak to an officer who can explore your specific requirements in more detail with you.


If no visit or work has been undertaken by the officer a full refund will be made, less a £10 administration fee.

If an officer has visited the premises, no refund will be available.

If an appointment at the premises is arranged which the applicant fails to attend, there will be a £66 charge (call out fee). If the applicant wishes to re-arrange the advice appointment a further £66 will need to be paid.

Free advice

If you have a single question that will be quick to respond to, we will answer this free of charge. Examples of where free advice would be given are:

  • Is a cleaning product suitable for my business.
  • What temperature should my fridge be at.
  • Do I need to go on a food hygiene course.
  • Do I have to tile my walls.

Free advice request form

This page was last updated on 10 August 2021

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