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Salford has long been associated with many types of industrial activity, including:

  • Coal mining
  • Steel working
  • Docks
  • Bleach and dye manufacture
  • Engineering works
  • Tar refining
  • Foundry works

One of the legacies inherited from this industrial past is contaminated land. Pre-licensing disposal of domestic and industrial wastes created numerous early tips within the city that were not engineered or as carefully controlled as licensed landfill sites are today.

Ground contamination and landfill gas from waste tips can have significant effects on new and existing developments. This is particularly relevant at the present time, as redevelopment of former industrial sites is increasingly encouraged in preference to developing greenfield sites, returning often derelict land back into useful life.

At the earliest desk-top stages of any development proposal, our records can assist in determining whether or not land is likely to be affected by any ground contamination or landfill.

Requesting a search

Requests for searches into both contaminated land, landfill sites and other environmental information should be made by emailing

This page was last updated on 6 October 2017

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