Listed buildings

Listed buildings are buildings of national significance and are designated by English Heritage for their contribution to the historical, cultural, social and economic development of our nation.

Listed buildings in Salford, therefore, include not just examples of fine architecture, such as the neo-classical fa├žade of the old Town Hall in Bexley Square, but also examples of early mass cotton spinning production, such as that found at Islington Mill and the first railway bridge designed by George Stephenson that carried the world's first passenger railway line over the River Irwell.

Summary of Salford's listed buildings

There are 235 listed building entries in the city of Salford, as included on the national heritage list for England compiled by Historic England and the grades these are classified as are set out below.

Buildings are classified as either grade I, II * or II based on their relative importance.

Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, grade II * buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest, and grade II buildings are nationally important and of special interest.

A single entry on the list can include more than one building, such as a terrace, so in actual terms the number of properties, buildings and structures covered by list entries totals 391. These figures represent the correct position in April 2014, however it should be recognised that the number of listed buildings in Salford may be subject to change.

Grade Number of listed building entries
Grade I 6
Grade II * 13
Grade II 216
Total 235

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