Examination hearings

A series of public hearings will take place during the examination of the Salford Local Plan: Development Management Policies and Designations. The hearings will be conducted by the Planning Inspector and are anticipated to take place during December 2021. The main purpose of the hearing sessions is for the Planning Inspector to investigate the evidence supporting the plan further by asking questions of the participants and hearing their contributions on the issues that are critical to the soundness and legal compliance of the plan.

At the current time the format of the hearing sessions has not been determined (for example, whether they will be held virtually, in-person, or as part virtual and part in-person events).

The following information will be published on this page when it becomes available:

  • Dates of the hearing sessions
  • Agendas for the hearing sessions
  • The matters, issues and questions for discussion at the hearing sessions, as identified by the Planning Inspector.
  • The venue for any hearing sessions due to be held in person.
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