Chapel Wharf Development Framework

Salford City Council is currently in the process of preparing a Development Framework for the Chapel Wharf area of City Centre Salford.

The aim of the Development Framework for Chapel Wharf is to establish a clear and shared vision for the area. This is intended to help bring about positive change over the next 20 years and contribute to Chapel Wharf becoming a successful neighbourhood that plays a key role in the ongoing transformation of City Centre Salford.

The framework once adopted will form a material consideration in the assessment of future planning applications.

Draft Development Framework public consultation

As part of the process required for this document a public consultation will be taking place on the Draft Development Framework from 13 September to 24 October 2021. This is a great opportunity for you to view the draft framework, provide feedback on the ideas to date as well as any other suggestions for us to consider before the framework is finalised and adopted by the council.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the consultation is taking place online, if you would like to take part in the consultation then please visit the Chapel Wharf website.

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