Salford's greenspace

Crescent Meadows

Around 20% of Salford is greenspace of one form or another, not including the vast areas of agricultural land and most of the green belt.

There are many different forms of greenspace in Salford ranging from play areas for children to urban and country parks for people of all ages, from sports pitches to woodland areas and from stretches of river and canal to natural areas in the urban area and urban fringe, all offering different activities and experiences.

The city council recognises the value that local people place on open space and recreation land and how access to good quality greenspaces contribute towards quality of life. An audit of greenspace has been completed to understand the types, locations and quality of greenspaces that exist. This information has been used to develop and adopt local greenspace standards to demonstrate the quantity, quality and accessibility of greenspace that is required in Salford.

More detailed information related to the audit of greenspace, local greenspace standards and policy guidance are available in Salford greenspace strategy supplementary planning document and the open space chapter of the infrastructure delivery plan.

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