Greenspace audit


The city council has conducted an audit of greenspace for 2015/16. The audit considers all types of greenspace regardless of quality, whether sites were in public or private ownership, or their degree of public accessibility.

The types of greenspaces can be divided into two broad categories:

Urban open space

  • sports pitches
  • other outdoor sports facilities (for youths and adults)
  • formal parks
  • children's equipped play facilities (play areas for different age groups)
  • public amenity space (informal children's play space)

Wider green space

  • country parks
  • local nature reserves
  • natural greenspaces
  • green corridors and recreation routes
  • allotments
  • cemeteries and churchyards
  • community woodland
  • water features (rivers, canals, streams, brooks, lakes, reservoirs and ponds)
  • urban fringe recreation areas

The audit for 2015/16 identified a total of 2053.66 hectares of greenspace within Salford, or 21.1% of the total land area of the city. Approximately 56% of this area of greenspace is freely accessible to the general public, which compares well with neighbouring local authorities.

Further details of the greenspace audit for 2015/16, including the distribution of greenspace by neighbourhood area and comparison to the audit from 2005/06, is available to download below. More detailed information related to the local greenspace standards and policy guidance is available within Salford greenspace strategy supplementary planning document and the open space chapter of the infrastructure delivery plan.

Downloadable documents

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This page was last updated on 13 April 2016