Revised Draft Local Plan

‘A fairer city’ Revised Draft Local Plan

Consultation on the Revised Draft Local Plan ended on Friday 22 March 2019. 

Following the consultation on the Draft Local Plan, the local plan has been comprehensively modified having regard to the comments received, updates to the evidence base, changes to national planning policy, and work on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. The result is the Revised Draft Local Plan. A Policies Map has been published which shows the location of the sites proposed to be allocated for development and land given a protective designation. An interactive version of the Policies Map is available to view online. You can also view the individual chapters of the Revised Draft Local Plan.

All decisions about whether Green Belt boundaries in Salford should be altered, including whether any existing Green Belt should be de-designated so that it can be developed, will be made through the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and not through the Salford Local Plan.

A number of supporting documents have been published alongside the Revised Draft Local Plan, including a sustainability appraisal, community impact assessment, heritage assessments of site allocations and statement of consultation. These documents can be downloaded at the foot of this page. The consultation statement contains a summary of the main issues raised in representations on the Draft Local Plan and explains how these were addressed in the Revised Draft Local Plan. This is expanded on in more detail in the consultation statement appendices. The city council has also updated its evidence base to include a new housing and economic land availability assessment and an assessment of residential viability. A number of evidence base documents have been produced in support of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework which also have informed the production of the Revised Draft Local Plan.

Downloadable documents

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This page was last updated on 11 April 2019

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