What is an annual review?

As a local authority, we have a duty to review your child's statement at least once a year. Your child's school will arrange the review meeting. If it needs to be, it can be reviewed more regularly.

What is it for?

The annual review looks at your child's progress against the aims set out in their statement. It also checks that targets in the statement are up to date and relevant.

Reviewing the statement allows us to to consider whether the statement is still necessary, plan to support your child's needs in the future, or to set new targets for the year ahead.

Who's involved?

Apart from you and your child, a representative from the school (class teacher and/or special educational needs coordinator), other professionals involved with your child and, if appropriate, representatives from the local authority will also be involved.

All these people will be asked to write reports before the meeting. These reports will be used as a basis for discussion in the meeting.

Where will the review be held?

The review meeting will usually take place in your child's school.

What happens after the meeting?

We will write a report that summarises the outcomes of the review - and everyone who attended the meeting will get a copy. We will consider this report and decide whether or not the statement should:

  • continue without change
  • be changed to suit new or different needs
  • be discontinued because your child has made such progress that they no longer need such a high level of support from local authority. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘cease to maintain'

We will then send their decision to you. You can discuss any part of this process at any time with the school or us.

It is your right, and responsibility, to attend your child's review meeting. If you can't attend you should let the school know beforehand. You can also send in your written report if you can't attend. Arrangements can always be made to ensure that your views are made known, either before or at the review meeting. If any special arrangements are needed, please contact the school or your council caseworker to discuss them.

There are two very special review meetings which take place at key moments in your child's schooling. These are:

The Year 5/6 transfer review

The Year 5 review helps to inform decisions about your child's transfer from primary to high school. It will make clear recommendations about the type of provision your child needs on transition to high school. The Year 6 review will make sure these arrangements are working.

The Year 9 transition review

This is the first review to be held after your child's fourteenth birthday. It will review the statement and plan for your child's transition into the next phase of education, training, work and adult life. It will involve the Connexions Service (formerly known as the Careers Service) and a Connexions personal adviser will be invited to the review.

Following this review, a transition plan will be written based on all the information and advice provided at the meeting. This plan will then be updated and amended in Years 10 and 11 at the same time as your child's statement is reviewed.

This page was last updated on 15 March 2016