SSCP training available to governors

Since September 2012, governors have been able to access the training courses provided by the Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP).

The cost of courses

Charges currently only apply if governors do not turn up for a course once they have booked a place or they fail to give at least five days notice if they cancel. These charges are currently £40 per attendance for a half day or a one day course and £60 per attendance for a two day course and they would be charged to the governor's school.

To apply for courses

You can apply online via the SSCP.

Initial courses

Listed below are the courses that governors are recommended to attend first.

  • Basic awareness: This half day course gives an overview of responsibilities and action to take if concerned about the safety of a child.
  • Foundation: This course is more suitable for governors with a specific responsibility for safeguarding. It is a two day course that provides participants with an overview of child protection procedures in Salford and an awareness of multi-agency work in safeguarding children. Completion of this course is a requirement before you can attend many of the subject specific courses.

Subject specific courses

You may need to fulfil some pre-course requirements before you can attend some of these courses so governors are advised to read the course details carefully before applying to attend:

  • Rapid response to an unexpected child death
  • Attachment
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Domestic abuse and child protection
  • Neglect
  • Parental mental health and safeguarding
  • Parental substance misuse and safeguarding
  • Refresher
  • Sexual abuse

This page was last updated on 1 April 2016

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