Become a local authority governor

The local authority (LA) can nominate individuals to become LA governors on school governing boards but it is the governing boards who officially appoints them.

It is the governors on the board who have to decide if the nominee is the right person to help strengthen their governing board. They do this by using criteria, as outlined in the statutory guidance available below, and checking if the nominee has the skills and knowledge they need to make their board as effective as possible.

If a nominee does match the board's criteria, it is the governing board who then officially appoint them by taking a vote at a main governing board meeting.

Salford LA holds a governors' list that it draws its nominees from. You can apply to join this list and, if you meet the criteria for being an effective governor, you application will be approved and you can then be matched to a suitable LA governor vacancy on one of Salford's school's governing boards.

How to apply to be on Salford's LA governor list

The steps for applying are:

  1. Email for an application form and return to Governor Services at the postal address on the form.
  2. Your application will be considered by the executive lead member for children's services, learning and skills, Councillor John Merry and the strategic director for children's services, Charlotte Ramsden.
  3. You will be informed by governor services if your application has been successful.
  4. As LA governor vacancies arise, the LA liaises with the governing boards to match the nominee governors on the list to their vacancy and to the skills and knowledge they require for their particular governing board.

Downloadable documents

Forms to apply to be on the Salford LA governor list

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This page was last updated on 17 August 2022

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