Salford City Academy


Northfleet Road
Peel Green
M30 7PQ

Telephone: 0161 789 5359


Headteacher:Mrs M Hasleden

School type: Academy

Total number of places for year 7: 180

Total applications received by offer day: 235

Breakdown of offers at offer day (1 March 2022): All applicants offered places

Total numbers of offers made (including alternative offers): 180

Total vacancies: 0

Admission policy

Procedure for entry

1.1 The Academy will consider all applications. Where fewer than 180 applications are received in any one year group, the Academy will offer places to all those who have applied unless the application is defined as an exception (see below).

1.2 The Salford City Academy is a member of the United Learning Trust which has a Christian ethos. The Academy accepts students of all faiths and none.

1.3 Students with a statement of special educational needs that names the Academy in the statement will be given priority over other admissions. If a child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs and you require further advice on primary to secondary transfer, please contact the Special Educational Needs section of the Local Education Authority of the area you live in. 2.


2.1 Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admissions number of 180, applications will be considered for Year 7 against the criteria set out below. After the admission of pupils with Statements of Special Educational Needs where the Academy is named on the Statement, the criteria will be applied in the order in which they are set out below.

Admissions criteria

  1. Admission of children in public care (looked after children) and previously looked after children - Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order)
  2. Specific medical needs, social needs and special needs: where the application is supported by specific professional advice as to why admission to the Academy is necessary. The definition as to what constitutes medical, social and special needs within the scope of this provision will be agreed by ULT and will be available in writing to parents in the prospectus as part of the admissions policy.
  3. Up to 30 children attending a Christian Church: supported by the testimony of a minister/priest confirming:
    1. Attendance at a Church of England Church within City of Salford
    2. Attendance at other Christian Churches within City of Salford
  4. Attendance at an associated primary school:
    1. Barton Moss Primary School
    2. Beech Street Primary School
    3. iii. Christ Church C of E Primary School
    4. Godfrey Ermen C of E Primary School
    5. Lewis Street Primary School
    6. St Andrews C of E Primary School
  5. Siblings of pupils: who will be attending the Academy on the date when the applicant would be admitted. The term “sibling” means a full, step, half, adopted or fostered brother or sister, but not cousins. The Academy reserves the right to ask for proof of relationship.
  6. Nearest walking distance to the Academy: children who live the nearest distance from the Academy

The distance which determines how close the child lives to the Academy is the shortest walking distance along public highways and footpaths between the door to the child’s permanent address and the nearest entrance to the Academy main building.

The child’s permanent address is where he or she normally lives and sleeps and goes to school from. Proof of residence can be requested at any time throughout the admissions process. If false or misleading information is used to gain entry to the Academy, the offer of a place will be withdrawn and the application cancelled.

Waiting list

3.1 If in any year it receives more applications for places than there are places available, the Academy will operate a waiting list until the end of the first term of the academic year of admission date. It is open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list following either an unsuccessful application or an unsuccessful appeal.

3.2 The child’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out above. Where places in the Academy become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.


4.1 Parent(s) have the right of appeal to the Academy’s Independent Appeal Panel if they are dissatisfied with an admission decision of the Academy. Further assistance is available from the Academy Office.

Making application

5.1 Any parent wishing to apply to the Salford City Academy for a place for their child in Year 7 must use the Common Application Form published by the local authority in which the applicant resides. This is available from offices of the Council, the Academy Office at the address in this prospectus or electronically from the Local Authority website.

5.2 Applications received in any other format will not be considered. Parent(s) may photocopy the form but an original signature is required. Parent(s) are advised to make a copy of the completed form for their own records.

Closing date for applications

6.1 The closing date for applications for applicants residing in Salford is that stated on the Local Authority Common Application Form. The closing dates for applicants residing in other authorities should be checked with that authority. Applications should be posted or delivered to arrive at the address given on the Common Application Form by the time stated. Parent(s) applying after this date should attach a covering letter to explain why the application is late. Late applications may not be considered until after consideration has been given to those applications received by the deadline for admissions.

Offer of places

7.1 Parent(s) will be notified in writing on the date stated on the Local Authority Common Application Form of the outcome of their application. For those who are unsuccessful, parent(s) will be notified in writing as to the reason(s) why it has not been possible to allow the child to attend the Academy. Parent(s) will be given more detailed information about the process for appeals at that time. The closing date for appeals to be lodged, normally 28 days after the notification of a place not being offered, will be stated clearly. Those who are accepted to the Academy will receive further information once they have been notified of their place and an invitation extended for student and parent(s) to meet with the Principal.


8.1 The School Admissions Code (2012) sets out the limited and exceptional circumstances in which the Academy need not comply with parental preference. These are when:

(a) the applicant, once of compulsory school age, has been excluded from two or more schools or when, for in year admission applications only, in specific circumstances set out in the Code, the applicant is:

(b) Particularly challenging.

Parent(s) are asked to seek further information from the Principal if they believe their child falls into either of these categories.

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