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Helping Salford women pursue careers in nursing, medicine and allied professions.

The Trust was established in 1996 as a memorial to Feryal Rajah, a well-known and much respected doctor and wife of the then Leader of Salford City Council, Councillor John Merry. Feryal, who sadly passed away in 1995, had a passionate interest in education and the advancement of women’s opportunities.

Helping local women

The trust was set up to help women with their studies and since it was established, there have been over £10,000 of grants awarded to 30 Salford women in need of help with their studies.

The trust provides:

  • financial assistance to help women to complete their studies and gain qualifications
  • an advice and information

Who can apply for financial help?

Eligibility criteria:

Any woman who lives in Salford and wants to pursue a career in nursing, medicine or allied professions (such as physiotherapy, chiropody or dietetics to name a few) and is experiencing financial difficulties.

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How to apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete an application form below:

Apply for a grant

Further information


The trustees

The trustees of The Feryal Rajah Educational Trust include: Councillor John Merry – Deputy Mayor, Salford City Council and Councillor John Warmisham - Elected Member, Langworthy Ward.

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