The Mace of the former Borough of Eccles

The Mace was presented to the Borough of Eccles on 9 November 1937 by the retiring Mayor and Mayoress, Alderman and Mrs J.H. Chapman, in commemoration of the Coronation in 1937 of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

It carries an inscription to this effect on its reverse panel. It is made of sterling silver, richly gilt, and in design is of traditional character. The base, being a conventional rendering of the heraldic rose of Lancaster, is in bold relief, with a series of mouldings above, enclosing a projected frieze on which is chased the title Borough of Eccles in Roman letters.

Above is a necking of simple fluting, into which is inserted the shaft, ornate and refined, decorated with a diaper arrangement of bosses and leafage in diamond form.  

The shaft is divided by two knops (ornamental knobs), between which is a barrel shape formed in panels, the knops having a series of diamond shapes with stones of emerald and topaz colour inset alternately. In the upper part of the shaft, the pattern repeats as in the lower portion, and is decorated in like manner; it is connected to a frieze above richly chased conventional acanthus space leafage, from which spring four projecting scrolls.  

Supported on the latter is the head of the Mace, of cup-like form, the lower part decorated by a gadroon pattern of fluting, and above are four panels, containing the Shield of Arms of the Borough of Eccles, in full heraldic blazon of enamel. In the panels between are finely chased emblems of justice and wisdom.

A band of oak leaf decoration forms a frieze round the head providing a support upon which rests a representation of the Imperial Crown.   

On the cover beneath the Crown is a medallion bearing profiles of  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, struck in the year of their Coronation, surrounded by radiating forms of simple design.

The Mace

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