Decision notices


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Decision notice Dated Status
Project Serve (Lead Member for Customer and Support Services) 21 January 2008 Authorised
Approval of Tenders for GIS system 29 March 2006 Authorised
The adoption of enterprise XP solution for desktop and mobile computing (Lead Member for Customer and Support Services) 17 August 2005 Authorised
'Implementing Electronic Government - 4.5' Statement (Lead Member for Customer and Support Services) 1 August 2005 Authorised
Submission of the Council's IEG4 Statement to the ODPM (Lead Member Customer and Support Services) 23 December 2004 Authorised
Purchase of Collaborative Planning and Management Software Tool (Lead Member Corporate Services) 9 August 2004 Authorised
A five year Oracle User Licence Agreement commencing on 1st April, 2004 (Lead Member for Corporate Services) 2 April 2004 Subject to call-in
Tender from Sx3 (Service and Systems Solutions) in the sum of £813,451 for the supply and support of a new Council Tax, Housing and Council Tax Benefits System (Lead Member for Corporater Services) 23 March 2004 Authorised
Acquisition of an Integrated Council Tax and Housing and Council Tax Benefits Computer System 12 January 2004 Authorised
Purchase of SPAM (junk mail) Protection Software 23 December 2003 Authorised
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